We would like to inform you; Belmore General Practice will be closing the practice as of 28 February 2020.
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Are you concerned you have the Coronavirus?

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The NSW Health department has provided us with the following information.   What are the symptoms? The most common symptom is a fever. Other symptoms include, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia with severe acute respiratory distress.   How long do symptoms take to present? It […]

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Menopause, Mood changes and Depression

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written by Dr Saba   When my mum reached menopause, she told me: “The worst thing about menopause is losing your freedom to have another child”.  Mum passed away last year at the age of 93 – she is survived by five children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Indeed, mum was right. However, when I […]

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Useful Tips to Improve Your Sleep Habits.

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How you feel during your waking hours hinges greatly on how well you sleep. Similarly, the quality of your sleep disturbances can often be found in your daily routine. Your sleep schedule, bedtime habits, and day-to-day lifestyle choices can make an enormous difference to the quality of your nightly rest. The following tips will help […]

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